Ancient Beauty & Anti-aging Secrets

Giving your attention to care for the face in terms of rejuvenation and anti-aging is not just a modern phenomenon and impetus. Women since ancient times have established the importance of discovering and use of mixtures that will have positive results. Caring for the face, using products for anti-aging and rejuvenation has been documented since ancient times.

1. Myths and legends surrounding the use of aloe vera in ancient times suggest that it was an important part of the beauty regime of the Egyptian
queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra.

2. Ancient Egypt was known for its magnificent beauty, exotic perfumes, beautiful clothes, flamboyant style and vivacious hairstyles. They used soaps, creams, and oils for skin care. Aromatic perfumes and dramatic hairstyles to fight eerie heat. They unearthed the art and importance of birth controls and spas. Medical papyrus in burial tombs from the 16th century BC have been found that contain detailed recipes to remove wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of age. 

One of these allegedly successful remedies consisted of these ingredients: gum of Frankincense, wax, Moringa Oil, cyperus Grass and Fermented Plant Juices, recommended to be applied daily. Unfortunately, because of the devastation of native plant species around the world, the exact duplication today of this anti-wrinkle cream is not possible. But a close substitute recipe anyone today can easily make up is: One Teaspoon Sweet Almond Oil, Two Drops of Essential oil of Frankincense, one drop of Rose Attar, (also a very gentle oil reputed to heal and strengthen facial skin and well known to the Egyptians), Apply to the cleansed face nightly with a gentle massage.

3. During the Tang Dynasty in Tibet in 618-907 AD, SEA BUCKTHORN was known to be used on the skin and face. We know now that the berries of this plant are a source of major antioxidants Vitamin A, C, E, and other important minerals.

4. Salt Rubs are what give Persian women that glow. One cup of sea salt is mixed with half a cup of peppermint tea and formed into a paste. It's used either as a shower gel or scrubbed before getting into the shower.

5. Spanish women add dramatic highlights to their dark hair with half a cup of cranberry juice and half a cup of seltzer. They use this as a final rinse after shampooing.

6. JOJOBA OIL is the secret of Native American women. They use it on their skin and as a conditioner on their hair to de-frizz and also as an effective bath oil.

7. Olive oil was treasured by the ancient Greeks (3500 BC) who called it the “liquid gold.” Its mystical glow illuminated history and was cherished by the Greeks, the Romans, Phoenicians and the Egyptians — to them, it was more than mere food; it was medicinal, magical, and also represented wealth and power through the centuries. Its skincare applications have been used throughout ancient civilizations, even during biblical times, and used by known historical figures like Cleopatra. It is rich in vitamins E and K, and is an antioxidant, promoting cell regeneration, and has anti-aging properties. It is naturally anti-bacterial. Today, we observe the beautiful skin of Mediterranean women. Many claim their secret is the oil of this tiny fruit. Used on face, hands and in the bath for beautiful skin.
-buy cold or expeller pressed olive oil in a dark bottle.

8. In the past, the secret of the Japanese Geisha and there smooth, flawless skin is camellia oil. WHITE CAMELLIA OIL, used for centuries in Asia, contributes its moisturizing, conditioning, nourishing and softening benefits to the skin. Camellia Oil gives the skin a texture and glow unmatched by any other skin care product. A special formulation for helping to eliminate wrinkles after giving birth, revitalizing hair growth, and in treating burns. It helps to restructure the skin and strengthen nails. It is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils making it an excellent choice as facial oil.

9. We all know the benefits of green tea but in China it’s all about the white tea. The anti-aging secret. White Tea comes from the silver tip of the green tea plant. It’s also known as the emperor’s tea. The plant houses all the antioxidants in the tip. It acts as an environmental shield that the free radicals can’t penetrate through. They bounce off free radicals and fend off anti-aging. Recently, a few skin care lines have realized the benefits of whit tea and actually incorporated it in their products.
--The best quality white tea is silver needle, but that is very expensive. Celestial Seasoning makes a white tea for a much better deal.

10. COCONUT OIL is the trick to getting full, thick, shiny hair like Indian Women. It’s also great to help strengthen hair if your hair is thinning. The women in India do a hot oil scalp massage once a week. Heat some up in a bowl and give yourself a scalp massage once a week. Sleep with it on and wash in the morning. It will help seal the cuticle and rid those split ends not to mention making your hair thick and healthy. To add a glow to the skin, the ancient Indians grated raw coconut and squeezed out it's milk which they applied to the face and lips.

11. In India, blemishes are treated with a light dab of either SANDALWOOD and turmeric powder mixed in a little water. Sandalwood is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedy for many skin complaints and conditions. It is also known to cleanse and condition the skin, leaving it moisturized, free of germs and protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Application of the sandalwood paste on your body ensure a glowing skin to you.

etter known as African red tea, Rooibos tea is regarded as a cosmetics aid in ancient Africa because of its high amount of anti-oxidants which make it beneficial for the hair and skin. The tea leaves also contain natural alpha-hydroxyl for healthy skin and it is used now in many commercial products like soaps, facial creams and shampoos.

13. Many of the ancient beauty secrets were geared toward protecting against or healing sunburn.  Passion fruit, Seaweed, Jojoba oil and Shea butter are just a few of the native remedies for protecting against and healing sunburn.  Modern research has shown, time and again, that these plant-based facials contain minor sun-screening agents and they all contain numerous antioxidants.

14. Honey was extremely valuable in ancient days and a symbol of divine blessing. Women applied it to their skin, along with oils, as part of their bathing ritual. 

-If you want to use honey on your skin, use raw manuka honey
. This honey is made from the tea tree plant and has many medicinal properties. Many use it on their faces as it has been shown to increase collagen.

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