The Raw Food Diet For Health

A raw food diet is a healthy and nutritious natural way of eating. Mainstream studies have recently shown some considerable benefits associated with following a raw food diet.

Typically followers of a raw food diet consume at least 75% of their diet as uncooked and otherwise unprocessed plant based foods including but not limited to fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouted grains, sprouts, seaweed, nuts and seeds. Nothing is to be heated above 104 degrees F in order to preserve the integrity of the enzymes associated with digestion and absorption. Dehydration of food is permissible but only if the process is kept below 104 degrees. Followers of a raw food diet claim that they have increased energy, weight loss, and overall better health.

From the Living and Raw foods community, T.C. Fry says, "Cooking is a process of food destruction from the moment heat is applied to the foodstuff. Long before dry ashes results, food values are totally destroyed.
If you put your hand just for a moment into boiling water or on a hot stove, that should forever persuade you just how destructive heat is. Food is usually subjected to these destructive temperatures for perhaps half an hour or more. What was living substance becomes totally dead very rapidly with exposure to heat.

Cooking renders food toxic. The toxicity of the deranged debris of cooking is confirmed by the doubling and tripling of white blood cells after eating a cooked food meal, this is a process called leukocytosis. The white blood cells are the first line of defense and are, collectively, popularly called "the immune system." 
As confirmed by hundreds of researches cited in the prestigious National Academy of Science's National Research Council's book, "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer," all cooking quickly generates mutagens and carcinogens in foods. Proteins begin coagulating and deaminating at temperatures commonly applied in cooking, and are devoid of nutritive value. 

Certain vitamins are rather quickly destroyed by cooking. Minerals quickly lose their organic context and are returned to their native state as they occur in soil, sea water and rocks, metals and so on. In such a state they are unusable and the body often shuns them aside where they may combine with saturated fats and cholesterol in the circulatory system, thus clogging it up with cement-like plaque.

Heated fats are especially damaging because they are altered to form acroleins, free radicals and other mutagens and carcinogens as confirmed in, "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer." Thus you can see that dead foods make dull, diseased and sooner dead"

Before and after a raw food diet
Following a raw food diet has some definite benefits that can now be backed up through scientific research. For instance, according to a study found in The Journal of Nutrition following a raw food diet long-term can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Another study conducted by Dr. Luigi Fontana and his team found that followers of a raw food diet have low body mass index (BMI), high Vitamin D levels, low levels of C-reactive protein, and lower levels of IGF-1. Vitamin D level is important because it is closely related to bone strength. C-reactive protein is "an inflammatory molecule that is becoming linked with the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic disease," which means that a low level should indicate less risk. IGF-1 is "a growth factor linked to risk of breast and prostate cancer," which again means that a low level should indicate less risk.

A study on raw food diet followers conducted over a period of 2 years by Lenka J. Zajic (who
holds a Masters in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona) showed some interesting results in women especially. Zajic's study shows a marked improvement in women's menstrual cycles as well as a drop in overall stress levels and a decrease in the amount of sleep needed to feel well rested. Zajic claims that "There seems to be no question that, at least initially, eating a raw foods diet can reduce or cure many health complaints."

To conclude recent mainstream scientific studies have shown that following a raw foods diet can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases while aiding with maintaining a healthy weight, BMI, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and strong healthy bones.



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