Detox Heavy Metals Naturally With Food & Herbs

Today humankind is exposed to the highest levels in recorded history of toxic metals.

Levels are up to several thousand times higher than in primitive humans. 

The fact is that heavy metal toxicity can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases including alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, other brain and neurological disorders, along with cancers.

Although the medical community recognizes acute heavy metal toxicity there are far more people suffering from chronic exposure which we face everyday. This has become one of the most pressing health hazards of today. 
Symptoms of toxic build-up can include fatigue, digestive distress, aching joints, depression, impaired blood sugar regulation, miscarriage, infertility, premature births, pre-eclampsia, hypertension, cancer etc. In fact Health authorities estimate that at least 90% of all chronic diseases can be attributed to environmental pollution in one way or another. 

We are exposed through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the utensils and products we use. From innocent looking cookware to children's toys. Vaccinations, dental work, insecticides, cleaning products, jewelery, industrial plants, burning jet fuel, the list goes on.

A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and Teflon chemicals.

Modern Diet and Toxic Metals

The danger of toxic metals is greatly aggravated today by the low mineral content of most of our food supply. An abundance of vital minerals protects against toxic metals. Vital minerals compete with toxic metals for absorption and utilization in enzymes and other tissue structures.  

However, when food is low in essential minerals, the body absorbs and makes use of more toxic metals. To continue the previous analogy, we are not stocking up sufficiently on factory parts, so we must use the greatly inferior replacement parts – toxic metals.  

Causes for the low mineral content of almost all agricultural products are primarily:

-Hybrid crops
-Superphosphate fertilizers produce higher yields by stimulating growth, but do not provide all the trace elements.
- Monoculture, the growing of just one crop over and over on the same piece of land, eventually depletes the soil.
Toxic sprays damage soil microorganisms needed to help plants absorb minerals from the soil.
- Food refining and processing almost always reduce the mineral content of our food. Whole wheat flour, when milled to make white flour, loses 40% of its chromium, 86% of its manganese, 89% of its cobalt, 78% of its zinc and 48% of its molybdenum. Refining cane into sugar causes even greater losses. EDTA may be added to frozen foods to retain their color. However, this chelating agent removes minerals that otherwise would cause the surface minerals to ‘tarnish’, discoloring the vegetables.

The Toxic Metals


The use of this toxic element in numerous industrial processes has resulted in its presence in many biological and ecological systems. Ground, surface, and drinking water are susceptible to arsenic poisoning from the use of arsenic in smelting, refining, galvanizing, and power plants; environmental contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, desiccants, wood preservatives, and animal feed additives; and human made hazardous waste sites, chemical wastes, and antibiotics.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: After the absorption of arsenic compounds, the primary areas of distribution are the liver, kidneys, lung, spleen, aorta, and skin. Arsenic compounds are also readily deposited in the hair and nails.
Arsenic is a highly toxic element that has been used historically for purposes of suicide and homicide. Its health effects are well known and documented. Acute exposure to arsenic compounds can cause nausea, anorexia, vomiting, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, diarrhea, hair loss, and burning of the mouth and throat. Garlic-like breath, malaise, and fatigue have also been seen while contact dermatitis, skin lesions, and skin irritation, are seen in individuals who come into direct tactile contact with arsenic compounds. Studies have shown close associations between both inhaled and ingested arsenic and cancer rates. Cancers of the skin, liver, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract are well documented in regards to arsenic exposure. Several arsenic compounds have been classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Class A - Human Carcinogen (IARC 1987).

ARSENIC DETOX: Sulfur, fiber, selenium, vitamin C, folic acid. 


Lead is the 5th most utilized metal in the U.S. Human exposure to lead occurs primarily through drinking water, airborne lead-containing particulates, and lead-based paints. The primary source of lead in drinking water is from lead-based plumbing materials. The corrosion of such materials will continue to increase concentrations of lead in municipal drinking water. The EPA actually allows small amounts of lead to be present in our tap water due to this insurmountable problem. Lead from water and airborne sources have been shown to accumulate in agricultural areas leading to increased concentrations in agricultural produce and farm animals. Cigarette smoke is also a significant source of lead exposure. Lead is not only absorbed through our air, food and water, it is also absorbed through our skin.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: After testing 35,504 people, Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, professor emeritus at the University of Alabama, and Dr. Gary Gordon, chairman of the board of the American Academy of Medical Preventics, concluded that more than 38 million Americans are currently being slowly and silently poisoned by lead. Lead is one of the most toxic elements naturally occurring on Earth. High concentrations of lead can cause irreversible brain damage, seizure, coma, and death if not treated immediately. Evidence suggests that lead may cause fatigue, irritability, memory problems, reduction in sensory and motor reaction times, decision making impairment, and lapses in concentration. In adults, lead is very detrimental to the cardiovascular system. Occupationally exposed individuals tend to have higher blood pressure and are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke. The kidneys are targets of lead toxicity and prone to impairment at moderate to high levels of lead concentrations. Other signs/symptoms of lead toxicity include gastrointestinal disturbances, abdominal pain, cramps, constipation, anorexia and weight loss, immunosuppression, and some liver impairment.

Children absorb lead much more efficiently (30-50% compared with 5-10% for adults) than adults do after exposure and are susceptible to the most damaging effects of lead toxicity. Lead not only appears to affect cognitive development of young children but also other areas of neuropsychological function. Young children exposed to lead may exhibit mental retardation, learning difficulties, shortened attention spans (ADHD), increased behavioral problems (aggressive behaviors) and reduced physical growth. Lead has been determined by many health experts to be the #1 threat to developing children in our industrial societies.

LEAD DETOX: Chlorophyll, cysteine, iron, pectin, lecithin, cabbage family vegetables, selenium, kelp, vitamins A, B1, B2, B-complex, C, D, E, zinc.

Mercury occurs primarily in two forms: organic mercury and inorganic mercury. Inorganic mercury and elemental mercury are both toxins that can produce a wide range of adverse health affects. Inorganic mercury is used in thermometers, barometers, dental fillings, batteries, electrical wiring and switches, fluorescent light bulbs, pesticides, fungicides, vaccines, paint, skin-tightening creams, antiseptic creams, pharmaceutical drugs, and other ointments. Humans have the ability to convert this inorganic mercury to an organic form once it has become absorbed into the bloodstream. Organic mercury is known to bio-accumulate due they body’s inability to process and eliminate it. Organic mercury is found primarily in marine life (fish) and can often be found in produce, farm animals, processed grains, dairy products, and surface water sources.

Occupational exposure to mercury containing compounds presents a significant health risk to individuals. Dentists, painters, fishermen, electricians, pharmaceutical/laboratories workers, farmers, factory workers, miners, chemists, and beauticians are just some of the professions chronically exposed to mercury compounds.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: Our understanding of the effects of methyl mercury poisoning comes primarily from epidemic poisonings in Iraq and Japan. In Iraq more than 6,000 individuals were hospitalized and 459 died as a result of methyl mercury poisoning. Adults experienced symptoms including parasthesia visual disorders, ataxia, headaches, depression, allergies, memory loss, fever, fatigue, tremor, hearing disorders (deafness), and coma. Observations of exposed individuals have shown irreversible brain damage. Iraqi children poisoned through the consumption of mercury containing food products (grains treated with mercury containing fungicides) exhibited nervous system impairment, visual and auditory disorders, weakness, motor and cognitive impairment, and emotional disturbances. Individuals in Japan experienced many of these same symptoms after the ingestion of fish containing large amounts of methyl mercury.

Mercury has recently been implicated as being a contributing factor to the increasing prevalence of autism in American children. The Autism Research Institute has focused on mercury containing vaccines (TMS) and their relationship to autism. Over 2 million individuals are affected with autism, a neurodevelopment syndrome that typically produces impairment in sociality, communication, and sensory/perceptual processes. Recent evidence has found a positive correlation between complications seen in autistics and complications seen in mercury poisoned individuals (Bernard et al. 2000). Mercury poisoning has been implicated in the development of many other human dysfunctional states for many years. Among these are cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, psychosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

MERCURY DETOX: Selenium, cabbage family vegetables, calcium, fiber, lecithin, pectin, kelp, vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, cysteine, nutritional yeast.

Although aluminum is not a heavy metal, it makes up about 8% of the surface of the earth and is the third most abundant element. It is readily available for human ingestion through the use of food additives, antacids, bleached flour; baking powder; buffered aspirin, astringents, nasal sprays, and antiperspirants; from drinking water; from automobile exhaust and tobacco smoke; and from using aluminum foil, aluminum cookware, cans, ceramics, and fireworks.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: Like many of the other environmental toxins, aluminum has cumulative effects in the human body--what started out at age fifteen as occasional headaches may by fifty be parkinson's disease. The list of potential effects of aluminum toxicity rivals that of the other metals in breadth and scope. It runs the gamut of physical, neurological, genetic, and behavioral disruptions and has been implicated  in everything from alzheimer's disease and depression to constipation and schizophrenia. Early symptoms of aluminum toxicity include: flatulence, headaches, colic, dryness of skin and mucous membranes, tendency for colds, burning pain in head relieved by food, heartburn and an aversion to meat. Later symptoms include paralytic muscular conditions, loss of memory and mental confusion. Other possible conditions associated with aluminum toxicity are: Alzheimer's Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Anemia, Hemolysis, Leukocytosis, Porphyria, Colitis, Dental cavities, Dementia dialactica, Hypoparathyroidism, Kidney dysfunction, Liver dysfunction, Neuromuscular disorders, Osteomalacia, Parkinsons's disease, Peptic Ulcer.

Studies began to emerge about 20 years ago suggesting that aluminum might have a possible connection with developing Alzheimer's disease when researchers found what they considered to be significant amounts of aluminum in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's patients. Although aluminum was also found in the brain tissue of people who did not have Alzheimer's disease, recommendations to avoid sources of aluminum received widespread public attention. As a result, many organizations and individuals reached a level of concern that prompted them to dispose of all their aluminum cookware and storage containers and to become wary of other possible sources of aluminum, such as soda cans, personal care products, and even their drinking water.

 Calcium, fiber, lecithin, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc.


Cadmium now rivals lead as the heavy metal which causes the most widespread and serious health problems. Cadmium, like lead, is dangerously pervasive in our air, food, and water and is also a cumulative poison that can cause a wide range of toxicity symptoms. Cadmium is a byproduct of the mining and smelting of lead and zinc and is number 7 on ATSDR's "Top 20 list." It is used in nickel-cadmium batteries, PVC plastics, and paint pigments. It can be found in soils because insecticides, fungicides, sludge, and commercial fertilizers that use cadmium are used in agriculture. Cadmium may be found in reservoirs containing shellfish. Cigarettes also contain cadmium. Cadmium is released into the air as an industtrial contaminant and is inhaled or ingested after it settles on our soil and food and in our water. Lesser-known sources of exposure are dental alloys, electroplating, motor oil, and exhaust. Inhalation accounts for 15-50% of absorption through the respiratory system; 2-7% of ingested cadmium is absorbed in the gastrointestinal system. Processed grains have much greater concentrations of cadmium than whole grains. Other foods with high cadmium are dairy products; meats particularly liver and kidney; fish, especially those high on the food chain; poultry; potatoes; and tomatoes.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: Target organs are the liver, placenta, kidneys, lungs, brain, and bones. Symptoms are anemia, dry skin, hair loss, headaches, immune disorders, kidney/liver damage, low blood pressure, protein/sugar in the urine.

CADMIUM DETOX: Both cadmium and lead are absorbed more readily and are much more toxic when there is a zinc deficiency. When the regular intake of zinc is high, the zinc is stored and cadmium is expelled. Cadmium competes with zinc for binding sites in various enzymes and other proteins. Detox cadmium with kelp, zinc, cabbage family vegetables, calcium, copper, fiber, iron, manganese, pectin, selenium, vitamins C and D.

Other heavy metal toxins include Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Cesium, Nickel, Platinum, Rubidium, Thorium, Tin, Tungsten, and Uranium.

Detox From All Toxic Metals

(chinese parsley)
This kitchen herb is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. It is probably the only effective agent in mobilizing mercury stored in the inracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes etc) and in the nucleus of the cell (reversing DNA damage of mercury). Because cilantro mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places. This process is called re-toxification. It can easily be avoided by simultaneously giving an intestinal toxin-absorbing agent. A recent animal study demonstrated rapid removal of aluminum and lead from the brain and skeleton superior to any known other detox agent. Even while the animal was continuously poisoned with aluminum, the bone content of aluminum continued to drop during the observation period significantly. 

Dosage and application of cilantro tincture: give 2 drops 2 times /day in hot water in the beginning, taken just before a meal or 30 minutes after taking chlorella (cilantro causes the gallbadder to dump bile- containing the excreted neurotoxins - into the small intestine. The bile-release occurs naturally as we are eating and is much enhanced by cilantro. If no chlorella is taken, most neurotoxins are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system). Gradually increase dose to 10 drops 3 times/day for full benefit. During the initial phase of the detox cilantro should be given 1 week on, 2 –3 weeks off. Fresh organic Cilantro works best (as much as person can compress in one hand), when given in hot Miso soup. Miso contains synergistically acting amino acids.

Other ways of taking cilantro: rub 5 drops twice/day into ankles for mobilization of metals in all organs, joints and structures below the diaphragm, and into the wrists for organs, joints and structures above the diaphragm. The wrists have dense autonomic innervation (axonal uptake of cilantro) and are crossed by the main lymphatic channels (lymphatic uptake).

Cilantro tea: use 10 to 20 drops in cup of hot water. Sip slowly. Clears the brain quickly of many neurotoxins. Good for headaches and other acute syptoms (joint pains, angina, headache): rub 10 –15 drops into painful area. Often achieves almost instant pain relief.

Cilantro Chelation Pesto 

cloves garlic
1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium source)
1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine source)

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium sources)

cups packed fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley)  (Vitamin A source)
2/3 cup flaxseed oil (omega 3 source)

4 tablespoons lemon juice (Vitamin C source)

2 tsp. Dulse powder
Process the cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender until the cilantro is chopped.  Add the garlic, nuts, and seeds, dulse and lemon juice and mix until the mixture is finely blended into a paste. Store in dark glass jars if possible.  It freezes well, so purchase cilantro in season and fill enough jars to last through the year.
One person suffering from high blood pressure due to mercury poisoning had her blood pressure return to normal after eating 2 teaspoons of this pesto daily for only a week.  So whether you need to detoxify heavy metals from your body or just wish to use it as a preventative measure, 2 teaspoons a day is all you need to take.

Both C.pyreneidosa (better absorption of toxins, but harder to digest) and C.vulgaris (higher CGF content– see below, easier to digest, less metal absorbing capability) are available. Chlorella has multiple health inducing effects:

-Antiviral (especially effective against the cytomegaly virus from the herpes family
-Toxin binding (mucopolysaccharide membrane) all known toxic metals, environmental toxins such as dioxin and others.

--Repairs and activates the bodys detoxification functions

--Dramatically increases reduced glutathione.

--Sporopollein is as effective as cholestyramin in binding neurotoxins and more effective in binding toxic metals then any other natural substance found.
--Various peptides restore coeruloplasmin and metallothioneine.
--Methyl-coblolamine is food for the nervous system, restores damaged neurons and has ist own detoxifying efect.

--Chlorella growth factor helps the body detoxify itself in a yet not understood profound way. It appears that over millions of years chlorella has developed specific detoxifying proteins and peptides for every existing toxic metal.
--The porphyrins in chlorophyl have their own strong metal binding effect. Chlorophyll also activates the PPAR-receptor on the nucleus of the cell which is responsible for the transcription of DNA and coding the formation of the peroxisomes, opening of the cell wall (unknown mechanism) which is necessary for all detox procedures, normalizes insulin resistance and much more. Medical drugs that activate the PPAR receptor (such as pioglitazone) have been effective in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.
-- Super nutrient: 50-60% amino acid content, B6, minerals, chlorophyll, beta carotene etc.
--Immune system strengthening

--Restores bowel flora
--Digestive aid (bulking agent)
--Alkalinizing agent (important for patients with malignancies)
Dosage: start with 1 gram (=4 tabl) 3-4 times/day. This is the standard maintainance dosage for grown ups for the 6-24 months of active detox. During the more active phase of the detox (every 2-4 weeks for 1 week), whenever cilantro is given, the dose can be increased to 3 grams 3-4 times per day (1 week on, 2-4 weeks back down to the maintainance dosage). Take 30 minutes before the main meals and at bedtime. This way chlorella is exactly in that portion of the small intestine where the bile squirts into the gut at the beginning of the meal, carrying with it toxic metals and other toxic waste. These are  bound by the chlorella cell wall and carried out via the digestive tract. When amalgam fillings are removed, the higher dose should be given for 2 days before and 2-5 days after the procedure (the more fillings are removed, the longer the higher dose should be given). No cilantro should be given around the time of dental work. During this time we do not want to moblize deeply stored metals in addition to the expected new exposure. If you take Vitamin C during your detox program, take it as far away from Chlorella as possible (best after meals).

Side effects: most side effects reflect the toxic effect of the mobilized metals which are shuttled through the organism. This problem is instantly avoided by significantly increasing the chlorella dosage, not by reducing it, which would worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metals then are bound in the gut, large chlorella doses bind more toxins then are mobilized). Some people have problems digesting the cell membrane of chlorella. The enzyme cellulase resolves this problem. Cellulase is available in many health food stores in digestive enzyme products. Taking chlorella together with food also helps in some cases, even though it is less effective that way. C.vulgaris has a thinner cell wall and is better toerated by people with digestive problems. 

Both are extracts from Chlorella and Cilantro and very effective in detoxing. They are well tolerated, but very expensive. 

GARLIC (allium sativum) AND WILD GARLIC (allium ursinum)
Garlic has been shown to protect the white and red blood cells from oxidative damage, caused by metals in the blood stream - on their way out – and also has its own valid detoxification functions. Garlic contains numerous sulphur components, including the most valuable sulph-hydryl groups which oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead and make these metals water soluble. This makes it easy for the organism to excrete these subastances. Garlic also contains alliin whis is enzymatically transformed into allicin, natures most potent antimicrobial agent. Metal toxic patients almost always suffer from secondary infections, which are often responsible for part of the symptoms. Garlic also contains the most important mineral which protects from mercury toxicity, bio active selenium. Most selemium products are poorly absorbable and do not reach those body compartments in need for it. Garlic selenium is the most beneficial natural bioavailable source. Garlic is also protectice for against heart disease and cancer. 

The half life of allicin (after crushing garlic) is less then 14 days. Most commercial garlic products have no allicin releasing potential left. This distinguishes freeze dried garlic from all other products. Bear garlic tincture is excellent for use in detox, but less effective as antimicrobial agent.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules freeze dried garlic after each meal. Start with 1 capsule after the main meal per day, slowly increase to the higher dosage. Initially you may experience die-off reactions (from killing pathogenic fungal or bacterial organisms). Use 5-10 drops bear-garlic on food at least 3 times per day. Perferably over supplements, eat 1-3 raw cloves daily.

It is clear that the high consumption of omega 3 protects from the damage caused by mercury specifically. The same is true for the high intake of selenium.
Omega 3 makes the red and white blood cells more flexible thus improving the microcirculation of the brain, heart and other tissues. All detoxification functions depend on optimal oxygen delivery and blood flow. Omega 3's protect the brain from viral infections and are needed for the development of intelligence and eye-sight. 

They also induce the formation of peroxisomes and helps protect them. The most vital cell organelle for detoxification is the peroxisome. These small structures are also responsible for the specific job each cell has: in the pineal gland the melatonin is produced in the peroxisome, in the neurons dopamine and norepinephrine, etc. It is here, where mercury and other toxic metal attach and disable the cell from doing its work. Other researchers have focused on the mitochondria and other cellorganelles, which in our experience are damaged much later. The cell is constantly trying to make new peroxisomes to replace the damaged ones– for that task it needs an abundance of fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA.

Dosage: 1 capsule Omega 3 taken 4 times/day during the active phase of treatment, 1 caps. twice/day for maintainance. or take raw seeds. 
Best if taken together with chlorella.
Other Substances That Protect & Detox Metals

Sea vegetables especially kelp
Bee pollen
Bee propolis
Fermented foods
Nutritional yeast
Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E
Calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium, iron and zinc
Siberian and panax ginseng
Black and green tea
Nucleic acids (found in bee pollen, nutritional yeast and chlorella)

Other Methods of Detox

Peer reviewed literature shows that sweatting during sauna therapy eliminates high levels of toxic metals, organic compounds, dioxin, and other toxins. Sauna therapy is ideal to mobilize toxins from its hiding places.  However, during a sauna, toxic metals can also be displaced from one body compartment into another. This means mercury can be shifted from the connective tissue into the brain.  This untoward effect is completely prevented when the patient is on chlorella, cilantro and garlic. The addition of ozone can be used to deliver an effective anti-microorganism hit while in the sauna.  The moment mercury and other metals are removed from the body, microorganisms start to grow. 

Colon hydrotherapy removes not only fecal matter from the bowel but also sludge and debris that has attached itself to the wall of the colon. It has been shown that these residues can be years even decades old and often leaked out toxic doses of many different chemicals during those years of residue collection. During a metal detoxification program, many toxins appear on the bowel surface and shifted from bowel surface into the fecal matter. However, since many of the toxins are neurotoxins, and the colon is lined with nerve endings, many of the mobilized toxins are reabsorbed into the body on the way down. To intercept these toxins while in the colon, colon hydrotherapy is the ideal method.  

Both are closely related techniques that balance the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Compartmentalized metals are often trapped because of specific dysfunctions of the ANS. Both can be resolved with either technique.  
To facilitate in the detoxification process, exercise is absolutely needed. Without exercise, mobilized toxins accumulate in the connective tissue, kidneys, lungs and skin and can cause a new set of symptoms and perpetuate a person's illness. 
A good exercise program should include 3 components:  a)  muscle strength training b) aerobic training c)  stretching. 
Recommendations: 20 minutes twice a day is the minimum requirement during a active detox phase.

When metals are mobilized a certain portion travels through the kidneys. The kidneys may react with swelling of the basal membranes and decrease in filtration rate. To prevent damage to the kidneys a person has to drink increasing amounts of water (with selectrolyte solution). The kidney has a filtrating surface equal to a ping-pong table, the gut that of a soccer field. The nephrons - like brain cells - live long and cannot be replaced once damaged. The gut membranes are renewed every 3 days. It is foolish to push toxic metals through the kidneys and wise, to push them out through the gut. Chlorella pulls toxic metals through the mucosal surface of the intestines from the blood and protects the kidneys.
When metals are moved out of the body through the feces, the bowel flora is damaged.  Chlorella works as an excellent pre-probiotic: It selectively feeds the good bowel flora. In addition, acidophilus/bifidus are recommended.

Prevention Steps

The best solution for combating heavy metal toxins is to avoid them in the first place. Today’s modern world makes this task almost impossible, but significant improvements can be accomplished using the following guidelines:

1. Avoid mercury-silver dental amalgams: Mercury based amalgams are the major source of mercury in most Americans. Consider extraction and replacement, but only through a qualified and experienced dentist.
2. Avoid fish and some shellfish: Fish and seafood are a common source for mercury and even arsenic, especially the largest fish (shark, swordfish, tuna), which are highest in mercury. Buy organic, tested, and certified mercury-free fish and seafood.
3. Clean Water: Use a high quality water filtration unit for all drinking water. A high quality shower filter also helps to avoid inhalation of heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants.
4. Clean Air: Outdoor air pollution is hard to avoid, but indoor air pollution is often much worse due to our energy efficient, air-tight buildings. High quality air filtration and purification systems have quickly become an important part of any healthy lifestyle.
5. Clean Food: Buying Organic foods (preferred) or extensive washing of the surfaces of fruits and vegetables is a very important step as well as avoiding virtually all processed foods. Nutrition is a vital component to helping the body detoxify itself.
6. Natural Products: Household cleaners as well as many personal care products such as skin creams and make-up have been found to carry heavy metals and other toxic elements. Buy all natural products whenever possible.
7. Thimerosal-free vaccines: Thimerosal has NOT been removed from all vaccines. Many adult vaccines, including the common flu-shot, still contain Thimerosal, a mercury based preservative.
8. Avoid Industrial Areas: As much as possible, avoid areas of industry especially in choosing where to live. Air, water, and food contamination is typically worse in these areas.

Testing Options

Various forms of testing include urine, stool, hair, and blood analysis. Each method has different pros and cons and applications.

Blood tests are useful for identifying ongoing chronic exposures. However, blood testing is not a good method for identifying past exposures stored in the body’s tissues.
Hair testing measures the body’s excretion of toxic metals over a long period of time. The length of hair determines what time period is being averaged.
Urine and Stool testing also measures the body’s excretion of toxic metals, but is primarily a measure of recent exposure, usually during the last few days.

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