Ceramides Keep Skin Healthy, Beautiful & Hydrated

Ceramides are lipid molecules that make up over 30 percent of the top layer of the epidermis in your skin, called the stratum corneum.

Ceramide helps form skin's protective barrier, called the "ceramide" barrier. The barrier helps maintain overall skin health and guards skin from the external aggressions and dehydration. All of these lipids also help keep your skin moist and smooth.

Some research studies have shown that topical products containing this ingredient can be highly effective in improving certain skin conditions.

Damage to lipids and the ceramide barrier affects your skin cells ability to function normally. Your skin can become irritated and sensitive. A weakened barrier puts you at greater risk of infection and other skin diseases. You may also notice that your skin gets dryer. The dryness can increase the appearance of fine lines and make wrinkles appear larger and deeper.

The benefits of ceramide products are due to specialized lipids (fat soluble bioactive nutrients) that protect the skin in several ways.

-They act as free radical scavengers (neutralize free radicals)
-They promote skin hydration and moisture
-They trigger new skin cell growth
-Inhibit “elastase” which is an enzyme that breaks down the elastin in your skin and causes skin aging
-Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory
-Believed to trigger “apoptosis” and destroy cancer cells in your skin
-Decreases dry, flaky, and itchy skin

How do you keep your ceramide barrier healthy? Studies show moisturizers are essential for ceramide barrier health. Moisturizers help maintain barrier functioning, prevent damage, and break the dry skin cycle. Treating damaged skin now can also prevent further skin damage.
However, treatment for ceramide barrier repair and health requires more than a traditional moisturizer. Most moisturizers simply prevent the skin from losing water. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, ceramide moisturizers contain essential lipids to help to rebuild your skin. Many people comment that barrier moisturizers also soothe burning and itching skin.

Some of the best mainstream ceramide barrier moisturizers are CeraVe. CeraVe has unbelievable reviews on Amazon and contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. The only major downfall is that it contains parabens. Other recommended barrier creams are Elizabeth Arden CeramideTriCream, Dermalogica Barrier Repair, Others at this link

But read on to discover natural ceramides, which I personally prefer.

Natural Ceramides

Supposedly, the ceramide extracts from wheat and rice are identical to those your own body makes. The purification and extraction
processes can produce a product that gives you enough of these unique nutrients to make them effective in fighting skin aging.

Natural oils that contain ceramides:

Safflower oil
Walnut oil
Hemp oil
Wheat germ oil
Corn oil
Almond oil
Rice oil
Barley malt oil
Sunflower oil
Kukui oil

Hemp oil is my personal favorite. It makes the skin beautiful.

A spectacular natural ceramide product that I came accross is Skinactives Ceramide Lipid Serum. Another one is Earth Science Night Rejuvenator which contains hydroxy acids and ceramides.

One can also take ceramides orally with this natural product. Life extension claims that oral ceramides from wheat can restore and moisturize aging skin. These benefits have been proven.

Thank you for reading! What do you think?


  1. So would it not be a great idea to just use these oils, walnut,rice, wheatgerm, directly on our skin?

  2. I have bought alot of these same oils from Amazon and have been make my own skin care products. I love trying varies recipes.

  3. Awesome blog! I really liked how you mentioned the natural oils that contain ceramides. When people ask what are ceramides or what natural ingredients boost cermide levels, it is great to see that there is simple to find answers to these questions! I will have to try out hemp oil for my skin!

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