23 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Supplement Company

Is there a best dietary supplement company?

There are so many to choose from and they all sound so good--so how can you be sure? Science behind the products is the most important factor, but not any more than safety and efficacy.

When it comes to your health, you want to be sure you’re buying safe, high quality natural products that work in your body and are not a waste of money. 
There is no industry regulation for product efficacy

A dietary supplement company is not regulated to do pre-market testing for product efficacy. Even the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 do not require manufacturers to prove that their natural products work. There is no requirement whatsoever that a dietary supplement undergo clinical tests or trials prior to marketing.

Given the fact that natural supplements are used by patients to treat identical health conditions that doctors treat with pharmaceutical drugs (arthritis pain relief, for example), it’s strange that the FDA legislates each method differently.

The FDA does require efficacy for pharmaceutical drugs, but not for natural products. 
You can find product efficacy in a dietary supplement company

When a product’s efficacy is proven, the science behind its formulation is the reason. Therefore, a dietary supplement company that builds products from a strong science base will likely also market the most efficacious products.
I believe that if you find the best dietary supplement company you’ll also find they manufacture the best supplements on the market.
I’ve developed a list of 23 questions to determine what standards of excellence you should expect when choosing a natural or herbal supplement company. If the company you’re using (or thinking about using) doesn’t measure up with “yes” answers to all 30 questions, you haven’t found the best supplement manufacturer and probably not the best natural products.

23 standards of excellence questions

Here is the list of 23 questions to try to find the most trusted dietary supplement company: 

1. Do they manufacture according to GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices (which the FDA requires for pharmaceutical companies, but doesn’t require for dietary supplement companies)?

2. Has the company been in business as many as fifty-years or more? 

3. Do they insist that all of their products are manufactured as pharmaceutical grade supplements? 
4. Do they do clinical studies before they market a new product?

5. Do they proudly make their clinical studies available on their website and in their product catalog?

6. Do they have independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies by their own research staff that are published in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals? 
7, Do they have over 90 of these studies published to date?

8. Do they have a ten to twelve million dollar annual research and development budget?

9. Do they have and consult with a Scientific Advisory Board when developing new products and does the board consist of some of the top scientists in their field in the world?

10. Do they only design products that emphasize good, solid science?

11. Have they never had a product recalled by the FDA because of health and safety issues with the ingredients?

12. Do they have a commitment to only make products with proven benefit and can do no human harm?
13. Do they use a product design philosophy that emphasizes the Golden Rule?

14. Do they make their products as natural as possible?

15. Do they have such a high commitment to quality that they conduct many quality tests every year to guarantee purity and safety of their formulations? 

16. Do they only make products that are friendly to the environment without containing phosphates, borates, nitrates or other substances harmful to the earth? 

17. Do they have a long list of ingredients that they won't use, even though their competitors do? 

18. Does the list include all artificial ingredients they refuse to use? 

19. Does the list also include some natural ingredients they refuse to use because of future safety concerns? 

20. Do they allow a concept to die on the drawing board, rather than to force a competitive product into the marketplace without scientific proof through clinical studies that the formulation works? 
21. Do they have a scientific design process for new products? 

22. Do they not conduct animal testing?  

23. Do they guarantee each and every product they manufacture and is it a 100% money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied?

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