Eight Glasses of Water a Day is a Myth, Eat Your Water Instead

Since our bodies are about 70 percent water, it makes sense that 70 percent of the food we eat should be high in water content. 

We've all heard we're supposed to guzzle eight glasses of water a day. But for most of us, it's hard to do. Well, here's some good news: turns out, that theory is totally watered down.

Sheah Rarback, Registered Dietitian, Miller School of Medicine: "It's a myth. No one knows even where it came from. There's absolutely no science that came up with the number eight as the magic number for water."

A study published in the American Journal of Physiology questioned the old recommendation of 8 ounces of water, eight times a day. After a thorough review, researcher Heinz Valtin concluded there was inadequate evidence that healthy adults - living in temperate climates and not engaged in rigorous activities -need large amounts of straight water.

While our bodies obviously do need water, dietitians say there may be an even better way to get most of it: eat your water.

The nature of all raw fruits and vegetables is to have a high content of living water. This living water contains nutrients that are specially processed by plants from soils and the atmosphere.

People who eat foods with high water content experience better health. The living water from the food they eat perform the function of carrying nutrients to the cells while also cleaning them. In fact, living water is a superior way of keeping the body hydrated and cleansed so it may carry out its living functions with as little energy expenditure as possible.

Some Foods with High Water Content

Chard - 97%
Cucumber - 95%
Lettuce - 95%
Tomato - 93%
Watermelon - 92%
Broccoli - 91%
Carrot - 87%
Apple - 84%

A recent study from the University of Tokyo revealed that women who ate a diet rich in high-water-content foods had a lower BMI and smaller waistlines. Experts say eating water-rich foods not only helps you lose weight, but it can make you look younger too.

Sheah Rarback: "It's going to help our skin stay sort of plumped up or moist."

Most of the world’s nutritionists, doctors, and scientists are now believers in the age-old wisdom of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. These people, along with many of the world’s governments and health agencies, are now recommending a diet of foods with high water content. More and more people today are buying and eating high-water-content fruits and vegetables that contain the living water necessary for a long and healthy life.

As reported by researcher Alexander Leaf in National Geographic (1973 edition), most long lived people ate a diet of approximately 70 percent fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Howard Murad, author of The Water Secret explained one of the main principles of this inclusive health approach, “What we should do is look at the one indicator of health and youth. And it’s at a cellular level. The one thing that is present in young and healthy cells is that they have more water. We are born with 75% water, we die with 0. Along the way, we lose more and more water. Your skin probably feels drier than it did 10 years ago. Your hair is probably not as shiny and a bit thinner. And many of these things happen so gradually that you don’t even really pay attention to it.”

Of course, part of this is just a fact of aging, right? Not entirely, according to Dr. Murad, It’s true, you are getting older. You can’t change the fact that you are here on this earth for so many years. But what you CAN change is how well you look and how well you feel during that time. And one thing that will absolutely do that is to encourage and increase the cellular water.”

You do not have to be chained to a water bottle all day. The more water you can eat, the better. Fill your diet with foods containing lots of water and reap the benefits. Snacking on a cucumber not only gets you a couple of ounces of living water that your body will better retain, this snack comes also comes with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.


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