Four Amazing Cancer Survivor Stories Using Alternative Therapies

The following cancer survival stories are first hand accounts of four who have survived cancer through alternative therapies.

Although not "scientific studies," these testimonials are all true stories, from people who are happy to share their cancer victories, so others may be inspired to find their own road to recovery. 

Sandra's Story - Ovarian Cancer

Sandra's story goes back to 1977 when she was only 29, and was told she had ovarian cancer. The doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy and set the surgery date for six weeks hence. Sandra says that she innately knew this option wasn't for her. She had a friend who was a chiropractor and naturopathic doctor to whom she went to for advice. He felt they had enough time to start a holistic process, so that's what they did.

  The program consisted of fasting, alternating between water and fresh vegetable juices, homeopathic remedies, and glandular extracts. As the surgery date drew near, a medical examination revealed the tumors had shrunk. Her doctor reluctantly agreed to postpone the surgery for six months...

She continued to do the fasting, then introduced such foods as vegetable broth, steamed brown rice, steamed and raw vegetables and fruit, along with previously mentioned remedies and nutritional supplements. She also eliminated all sugars, refined carbohydrates, and anything from a box or can. All food was organic, and seasoned only with lemon juice and olive oil.

Six months passed and after being examined medically, the surgery was postponed indefinitely. Sandra has never had a recurrence of cancer and continues to stay healthy with good food and nutritional supplements.
Sandra now has a website which combines two of her passions, natural health care and dogs. She is always willing to communicate with anyone who is interested and may be contacted through her website.

Phyllis's Story - A Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Phyllis is a great example of someone determined to find her own path to beat cancer, and eventually did so. She was diagnosed with stage three, invasive ductal carcinoma type breast cancer, in the spring of 2001. The prognosis was one to two years without treatment, and possibly five with, according to her oncologist. When chemotherapy and radiation were offered as her best chance to gain a few years, she instinctively knew there were better options.

Her decision was based more on knowing what she didn't want at that stage. Phyllis is a nurse specialist, with a B.Sc.N., working then in palliative care. Seeing the ravages of chemo on her patients, only to witness most of them die a horrific death, was a big factor in her choice to refuse conventional treatment. She had also started to hear about, and meet people who had positive experiences with various alternative modalities. Thus began the process of finding what was required to regain her health.  

In the early stage, along with keeping in regular contact with her GP and oncologist, Phyllis started making the necessary connections with herbalists, naturopaths, and others involved in natural cancer care. She felt it was a valuable asset to have a GP as part of her healing team, who has a holistic outlook to health care, and supported her choices. Phyllis found it quite overwhelming in the beginning to extract what she needed from the vast array of information flooding in from many sources. The key was to find a naturopathic doctor who specializes in breast health and cancer. Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur was able to formulate a protocol of vitamins, herbal supplements, and homeopathic remedies, specifically for her case. This consolidation of a program coming from one place considerably simplified the chore of sourcing everything.She learned about infrared therapy, and bought an arc, which she laid under daily to help reduce tumors, and later purchased an infra red sauna. Phyllis also had her mercury amalgams safetly removed by a specialist dentist.

Dawn's Story - Lymphoma Survivor

Although devastated and fearful by this news, Dawn knew she would reject the chemotherapy offered, after observing what it had done to other friends and family members. She was unfamiliar with natural healing methods, but fortunately on the same day as the diagnosis, she found a card for a naturopathic doctor, which she had picked up in a health food store a few days earlier. Within two days, Dawn was in the Quinte Naturopathic Centre in Belleville, Ontario, to explore her options.

After a full assessment by Dr. Michelle Durkin, an aggressive course of Vitamin C intravenous treatments was put in place. This was to begin after the oncologists completed their testing and forwarded the results to Dr. Durkin. This therapy would act as a natural chemotherapeutic agent, and began in early October.

Dawn underwent 40 intravenous vitamin C infusions over the next several weeks. Her health improved considerably and she soon regained twenty pounds of her weight back. By early December, before going off on a 6 week skiing trip, Dawn went for a follow up visit to her oncologist.

While sitting in the waiting room with her daughter and husband, the doctor appeared, went back into the office, then reappeared and went back again. On her third reappearance she recognized Dawn's husband, and asked "Is Dawn not here yet?" When Dawn spoke up saying, "I'm right here," the doctor actually dropped her papers on the floor, as she hadn't recognized her, and was shocked to see her seemingly so healthy and looking years younger than in the summer. The oncologist felt the results were remarkable and agreed that Dawn should continue the program she had undertaken. She was obviously well on her way to good health and went off to enjoy a very active skiing holiday.

A couple years later, at another oncology appointment, Dawn learned that the expectation for her at the time of diagnosis had been about six months. In the years since, along with occasional Vitamin C, Dawn also received energy healing through Reiki, emotional balancing with EFT, got onto an alkalinizing and mostly vegetarian diet, and developed spiritually by involvement in the Bancroft Spiritual Centre of metaphysical and spiritual teachings.

Dawn is now a Reiki Master/ Spiritual Healer, and feels that with her second chance at life, she would like to help others to heal, hoping to influence as many people as possible to take the natural route. Dawn believes that although cancer is a challenge, it is not a death sentence. It can be beaten, even when the medical opinion is otherwise. She would be happy to hear from any of you who may have any questions, or wish to receive healing, and may be reached at:

Josip's Story - Papillary Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Josip learned of his first cancer, papillary transitional cell carcinoma, grade 3/4, in 1983. He refused the chemotherapy offered, as he believed it would not change the outcome for the better, but rather cause more suffering for whatever time he had left. At this point, Josip did not have an alternative plan in place, but an acquaintance of his assured him he had made the right choice, and directed him to others who had cured themselves through natural means.
This started Josip on the path of exploration to find what would eventually work for him. However, this was not before he developed more cancer in the bladder, resulting in surgery, which revealed a much worse situation than expected. 

Cancer continued to spread to the rectum, and he subsequently experienced great pain, and suffered many other associated problems.
During this stage, at a visit to a local health food store, Josip was given information about the South American herb (actually the bark of a tree), know as Pau D' Arco or Taheebo. Upon reading of the amazing benefits of Taheebo, he thought this might be his answer. He immediately started mega dosing on both the tea and capsules. Within the first 24 hours he slept well, had improved appetite, and greatly reduced pain.

Thus began the course of treatment which Josip believed cured his cancer. He had also done some detoxification, changed to a mainly vegetarian diet, and attributes some of his success to positive thinking, which did not include fear.
Josip lived for seventeen years after that first diagnosis, and died in 2000, not from cancer, but from a blood infection. He spent those years helping many people beat cancer by trying to dissuade them from conventional treatment, and having them drink copious amounts of Taheebo tea.

A Few Others Who Have Cured Their Cancer With Natural Methods:

Brenda Cobb
Kris Carr
Ruth Heidrich



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