Gotu Kola Herb for Healthy Skin

Gotu kola is known widely for promoting healthy skin.

This beneficial longevity herb contains triterpenoid saponins (asiaticocide, brahmoside, thankuniside, madecasosside), volatile oils, bitter principles (vellarin), alkaloids (hydrocotyline), flavonoids, an alkaloid hydrocotyline, amino acids, resins, tannins, sugars, manganese, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin A.

The triterpenoid saponins in gotu kola have antioxidant benefits and an ability to stimulate collagen synthesis for tissue regeneration. These saponins have been shown to increase collagen formation, keep blood vessels strong, and have anti-inflammatory effects. The herb can be used both internally and externally.
In studies, a gotu kola preparation was shown to increase skin firmness, elasticity and greatly benefit sun-damaged skin. It also shows benefits for skin hydration, and helping skin in cold and dry weather.
Components of gotu kola have been shown to increase levels of antioxidants and help repair connective tissues. When applied externally, gotu kola expedities the healing of burns, wounds, skin ulcers, and various skin irritations by stimulating the production of keratin in the skin.

Gotu kola also improves the strength and tone of blood vessels and may help to improve vein problems, particularly varicose veins.  In a study of 94
people with venous insufficiency, those who took gotu kola reported a significant improvement in symptoms compared to those who took placebo. In another study of people with varicose veins, ultrasound examination revealed improvements in the vascular tone of those who took gotu kola.

In Sri Lanka and other tropical areas, gotu kola has a long tradition in the healing of leprosy. Studies attribute its apparent effectiveness to asiatiocoside, which destroys the protective cell walls of the bacterium that causes the disease and thus promoting wound healing.

Traditional medicinal systems, including Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese, have used topical gotu kola preparations for treating dermatitis and psoriasis. A small study with psoriasis patients found that creams containing gotu kola leaf extracts were effective at clearing most or all lesions within three to seven weeks.

Gotu kola usage will benefit the skin tremendously, no matter what specific skin complaint you need help with. I buy it in powder
form for the versatility. I use it for tea, and I also like to sprinkle some in my face wash or face mask.

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