Nature's Aphrodisiacs From Food

Named after Aphrodite--the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty--an aphrodisiac is a food, drink, drug, scent, or device that supposedly has powers to increase sexual desire, or libido.

Foods that are exotic or suggestive of certain body parts are especially desirable as aphrodisiacs. The avocado tree, for example, was called a "testicle tree" by the Aztecs because its fruit hangs in pairs. And its aphrodisiac value is based on this resemblance. The phallus-shaped carrot has been associated with sexual stimulation since ancient times and was used by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. The fig it another fruit that claims to be an aphrodisiac, based on its appearance.
The use of food as an aphrodisiac may be more truth than myth. Take oysters, for example. Oysters were first called aphrodisiacs by the ancient Romans who wrote about the immoral behavior of women who ate them. For one thing, oysters are high in zinc, which are supposed to increase sperm count. For another, they're high in omega-3 fatty acids, which improves  nervous system function. The banana is another. Considered an aphrodisiac due to its shape, bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, which are said to be necessary for sex-hormone production.
There's more: A healthy diet promotes weight loss and thus holds libido-boosting potential. Obesity is a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction and low testosterone, so peeling off pounds can help pump out more testosterone, and thus enhance sexual function. Slimming down simply makes anyone, man or woman, feel better about themselves and sexually more desirable.

Myth or truth? Maybe foods really do deliver. If so, here are some foods that may kick-start your love life:

dark chocolate
Chocolate is widely renowned as the king of aphrodiasics. Pure chocolate contains anandamide which is a chemical that gives the consumer a natural psychoactive good feeling. Perhaps more importantly it contains phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the 'love chemical that releases dopamine in the brain's pleasure centers and this can peak during orgasm, in addition it induces excitable feelings and stimulates both attraction and euphoria. Cacao also contains tryptophan, a key component of the neurotransmitter serotonin known to promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.  Chocolate’s arousing effects can also be attributed to its stimulant properties, which can also be achieved by drinking a cup of caffeinated tea. This is without a doubt top of the list of aphrodisiac foods.

raw honey  
Honey is another food that is typically associated with being an aphrodisiac. In medieval times, people drank mead, a fermented drink made from honey, to promote sexual desire. In ancient Persia, couples drank mead every day for a month (known as the "honey month" -- a.k.a. "honeymoon") after they married in order to get in the right frame of mind for a successful marriage.

Honey contains several B vitamins which are required for testosterone. Some studies have suggested that it may enhance blood levels of testosterone. It is also a source of boron which is a mineral trace that is proven to assist the body in using and metabolizing estrogen which is the female sexual hormone. Studies show that boron can also enhance testosterone levels in the blood, and as we all know testosterone is responsible for sex drive and orgasm in men and also women.
Plus it’s sticky and sweet, characteristics that find parallels in sexy substances that the body produces.


An open fig is believed to portray the female sex organs and this is a strong reason why this fruit is known to be sexually arousing. Fig leaves were believed to be used by Adam and Eve's genitals in the bible. The ancient Greeks looked at figs as a sacred fruit that was responsible for love and fertility. The fig was known as Cleopatra's favorite fruit. Not to mention they are fruit so good for your body in many ways.
Figs are also very effective at increasing libido in both males and females and its mainly due to the high levels of amino acids found in figs. Amino acids play a vital role in normal sexual function and will help increase levels of nitric oxide in the body.

The fig is said to increase sexual stamina as well as having quite a sexual appearance , flavor and smell to heighten all our senses to improve our mood and let our libido's rise from there slumber.

From its obviously phallic shape, the banana easily connotes sexuality. More practically, however, the banana has loads of both vitamin B and potassium, which are important in the human production of sex hormones. Bananas are also chock-full of chelating minerals, which help the body absorb essential nutrients and as a result are said to boost the male libido.

Asparagus is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac and is considered to be one of the best foods to increase libido.

English herbalist from the 17th century, Nicholas Culpepper, wrote that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman”. In the 19th century France, bridegrooms were served three courses of the sexy spears at their prenuptial dinner. Apparently for a good reason: asparagus is a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamins A, E and C, and thiamin and folic acid. The latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes.

Just by looking at the shape of avocado, you will see the reason why it was associated with sexuality. The Aztecs called the avocado “Ahuacuatl”, or “testicle tree”. They thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male’s testicles. The Catholic priests in Spain found this fruit so obscenely sexual that they forbade it.

Although the Aztecs may not have been equipped to explain it, modern science has given us insight into the fruit’s aphrodisiac reputation. We now know that avocados deliver a punch of nutrients essential to sexual health, including folic acid, B6, beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E, (which is sometimes called the “sex vitamin“). An avocado also delivers more potassium than a raw banana. It even offers 2.4 grams of complete protein for every 1/2 cup of fruit, an essential ingredient for a successful late night tango.


Christopher Columbus called the papaya "the fruit of the angels." Everything about this fruit is sexy. Ripe papaya is sweet, soft and creamy with a slight musky nuance;  Hanging from the tree papayas resembles a woman's bosom. The seeds are called papaya 'caviar'; they are peppery and spicy like garlic and arugula (two well known aphrodisiac). Papaya and its seeds contain a natural digestive, vitamins A, C, Bs, E,  K and antioxidant nutrients, such as carotenes, flavonoids, the minerals potassium and magnesium; combined these nutrients promote good digestion, and a healthy cardiovascular system—for good blood flow.

Papaya fruit is an especially helpful aphrodisiac for women. It contains a chemical that acts like the female hormone estrogen, which can increase the female libido. According to "Psychology Today," papaya is used in folk medicine to stimulate menstruation and milk production in women because of its estrogenic effects. It also improves orgasm.

A prominent player in aphrodisiac lore, pomegranate was regaled as a culinary symbol of Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks. Some say the forbidden fruit of the Bible was not apple at all, but a pomegranate fruit. In other Western lore, the mythological unicorn was tied to a pomegranate tree. Since the early days of the written word, the promise of the pomegranate has made a lasting impression as a sensual symbol, appearing in poetic works of great authors from Homer to Shakespeare.

Researchers at Mindlab International at the University of Sussex recently uncovered an unexpected health benefit during a study – pomegranate juice also helps increase sex drive in men and women.

Pomegranate contains plant estrogens and is packed full of antioxidants- more than green tea, and vitamins and minerals.

aphrodisiac scents

Overall it is the sweet-spicy and comfort-food aromas that have been found to act as aphrodisiacs, likely because of their ability to reduce anxiety. It’s also possible that people associate certain foods, like pumpkin pie, with positive romantic experiences in the past.

Researchers have found that nutmeg and cloves, common spices used in pumpkin pie and other sweet and spicy baked goods, increase sexual behavior. But those interested in taking these spices as a romantic aid should be aware that they can be toxic at higher doses. The relatively small amounts in baked goods are fine, but sitting down with a spice jar and a large spoon is not recommended.

It is said that neither gender can not get aroused from the fragrance of jasmine. Jasmine is the most expensive of all the essential oils, followed by rose oil.

Other essential oils that are said to be aphrodisiacal are lavender, vanilla, almond, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, neroli, sweet orange, lime, lemon, mint, sandalwood, patchouly, ylang-ylang, clary sage, frankincense, myrhh, vetiver, cedarwood, hyacinth, honeysuckle, jonquil, palmarosa, mimosa, magnolia, ginger, hibiscus, anise, rosemary, violet leaf, lemon verbena, and cumin.
Ylang-ylang is said to be so calming that it has worked to quiet an attacking dog and some stores pipe it into their air systems to keep shoppers calm and relaxed and to avert robbers.

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