White Tea To Stay Young

A cup of tea is not only relaxing, but it turns out it is anti-aging as well.

The  new rage these days, not just for drinking but an ingredient in skin care as well, is white tea and rightly so! 

Scientists are finding that white tea can help slow the effects of aging, and is even much more effective than green tea. White tea has been found to fight UV rays, and slow wrinkles from forming by maintaining the integrity of collagen and elastin in the skin. Even though that is enough to persuade me to drink a cup of white tea daily (Dr. Oz recommends four cups a day), there are numerous other benefits as well, such as
 being an aid to 
weight loss, fighting cancer and arthritis. It also contains caffeine to give you a boost of energy.
White tea comes from the same plant as green, black and oolong. It differs from green tea in the fact that it is lower in caffeine, unfermented and seems to be superior in it's healing properties.
Add a splash of lemon to your white tea. Studies say that it helps the good stuff in the tea get better absorbed by your body.
I drink a cup or two a day of white tea and I also use it in my skin care. The best white tea is known as the silver needle but it can be expensive so any other kind works great. Celestial Seasonings makes a yummy pear white tea.

There is no doubt that white tea is a great addition to every anti-aging regimen.

What White Tea is Best? 

Studies are finding that the best white tea to buy is called silver needle. I like this stuff HERE.   

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