Women: Would You Shave Your Face For Beautiful Skin?

Japanese women have been doing it for centuries. Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe both used it as a beauty secret. 

Female facial shaving for exfoliation and beauty is a practice that has been around for a very long time. In Japan, girls as young as 9 learn how to do it and they continue the practice to keep gorgeous skin.

The first and most common misunderstanding when it comes to shaving is that the hair will grow back darker and thicker. While this is indeed possible, the hair will only thicken and darken up when the skin becomes stressed by invasive shaving techniques and chemically inappropriate product ingredients.

However, when the skin is prepped and protected with biologically appropriate products, the sharp edge of a seemingly benign cartridge razor blade turns into the ultimate skin resurfacing tool. 
Aside from being a cheap easy way to manage facial hair, shaving has many other benefits for women. When done right, shaving is one of the best ways to:
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells without over stimulating the skin
  • Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimize pore size
  • Improve elasticity
  • Lighten acne scars
  • Balance skin tone
  • Permanently remove blackheads
Plastic Surgeon is Encouraging Women To Shave Their Faces to Forestall the Aging Process

Dr. Edward J. Domanskis, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California, is encouraging his female patients to shave their faces to forestall the aging process.
"One of the purported secrets of Japanese women maintaining their youthful appearance and flawless skin is that they regularly shave their faces," says Dr. Domanskis. Shaving results in an exfoliation of dead cells, which removes several layers of skin, causing irritation and consequent skin tightening, and plumping of the remaining cells.
Elizabeth Cummaro, R.N. aesthetician concurs, "I see a remarkable improvement in my clients' skin after I perform derma-planing, which is almost exactly what shaving does."
"The constant cellular rejuvenation not only results in a cleaner complexion, but also should slow the aging process," counters Dr. Domanskis.
"This may also be one of the reasons why, in spite of all the lotions and potions that women apply to their faces, men, on average, tend to show less comparable signs of aging," says Dr. Domanskis.

Caroline Manzo, 49, Shaves Her Face

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" matriarch, Caroline Manzo, no-nonsense redhead revealed her skin care secret: She shaves her face.

Manzo, 49, shaves her entire face and throat in the shower every morning to exfoliate her skin.

"I have beautiful skin, it's to exfoliate!" she recently exclaimed to host Andy Cohen during the incendiary first part of the "RHoNJ" reunion show. The affable Cohen had read an email from a viewer wanting to know if she really did shave daily and Manzo didn't miss a beat. She owns it.

Manzo's not the only one who thinks that exfoliation is the key to youthful skin. Christie Brinkley has long said that the reason men's skin seems to age less quickly than women's is that they shave and the supermodel is a
strong proponent of exfoliation
-- although whether or not she actually whips out the Mach III remains under wraps.

Manzo really does have a beautiful complexion.

Face Shaving Guide For Women

Here is a face shaving guide for woman who want to be able to shave their face without having to worry about ingrown hairs, rash or coarse prickly regrowth.

You're going to love the way your skin looks and feels. Let’s get started:

           While in the shower, gently clean you face with a pH balance cleanser to remove any traces of makeup.

  • After a shower, massage Pre-shave Gel over entire face as directed
  • Take a small glob of shave lather and apply directly onto the face. Dilute with warm water. With clean fingers spread gently and evenly over entire face, including nose and forehead.
  • Warm your razor up by swishing it under hot water.
  • Starting at the side of the face closest to the ear (side burn), begin shaving using strokes no longer than an inch at a time moving toward the jaw line.
  • Lather back up and shave from the sideburn toward the nose using the same short strokes.
  • Make sure it has a good coating of shave lather over it.
  • Shave from the top of the nose to the end. Just once is good enough. If your razor is small enough to shave each side of the nose then go ahead. If you have a tiny nose, don’t risk it.
  • Make sure it has a good layer of shave lather over it.
  • Shave from the center of the forehead (between the eyes) out toward each temple.
Be careful not to whack the eye brow or hair line.
  • Push your tongue up under the upper lip and push outwards until the surface is firm and quite flat.
  • Tilt your razor on a slight diagonal and only use a small portion of it to shave with the lie of the area which is staggered on a downward taper.
  • Rinse the entire face with fresh warm water and then splash off with cool water.
  • Pat face with clean towel so it’s not dripping wet but still damp.
  • Gently pat a small amount of aftershave moisturizer combined with a pump of booster serum over entire face a neck.
  • Don’t over shave the face until it has acclimated to its new condition.
  • Rinse razor blade often to avoid clogging
  • Grip your razor as if it were a feather. The lighter your grip the better it will shave.
  • Try to do your shave at night or on a day you won’t have to apply makeup straight after. Give your face at least 6 hours to reboot and adjust.
  • Because the hair is soft and quite long in places, you may be tempted to turn the razor against the hair to remove it more easily. DON’T DO IT! The point is to gradually remove skin cells. It will get easier and better over time.
  • Women should ideally only shave their entire face a maximum of one time a week. In most cases, once every two weeks should suffice.
Where Do You Find a Female Facial Razor? 

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